The Spell Book For New Witches

The Spell Book For New Witches

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Cast life-changing spells with this essential book for witches

Spells are the practical side of magic, and this book will teach you everything you need to know to cast your very own. You’ll learn the history of spellcraft, find advice on how to prepare for spellcasting, and get detailed instructions for a wide range of spells for romantic love, abundance, success, and more.

What sets this The Spell Book for New Witches apart from other wicca and occult books:

A step-by-step approach—Take the intimidation out of creating magic with spells that include instructions for how much time you’ll need to invest, the optimal times to perform them, and the simple tools and ingredients needed.
Suitable for all experience levels—These approachable spells and charms are perfect for beginning witches and seasoned practitioners who want to improve their lives.
Engaging format—Charmingly illustrated pages and spells make for a truly magical learning experience, and the cookbook-like layout ensures you can find the spell you need fast.
Access your personal powers and discover your inner witch using The Spell Book for New Witches.