Beard Shampoo Bar

Beard Shampoo Bar

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Why shampoo bar for your beard? Well the beard is special. It’s hair AND it’s attached to your face. Facial skin can be sensitive, more prone to acne breakouts, irritation, and dryness or extra oil production, etc. This bar helps regulate oil production, clean the skin under your hair without drying out the hair, while cleaning the hair without drying out your skin.

The Duke, this shampoo bar smells warm, oaky, and strong.

The Connoisseur, this shampoo bar smells of strong, well-brewed coffee and fine cocoa.

The Gent, this shampoo bar has a whiskey-inspired scent, made with essences that match the flavors of a fine bourbon.

The Pirate bay rum scent is spicy with notes of clove and citrus